Diagnodent Laser

A breakthrough technology in cavity detection, it allows Dr. Sagar to detect a cavity forming months or years before it gets to the point of needing a filling … this helps you prevent the need for future fillings.

Diagnodent Laser – Detects Decay

Diagnodent laser technology aids in early detection of tooth decay. Dr. Sagar uses the latest DIAGNOdent laser to help detect early cavities.

Safe, Painless Laser

Diagnodent is a pen-like probe that sends a safe, painless laser beam into the tooth. A numeric display & alarm signals when there are signs of hidden decay. By measuring your tooth fluorescence Diagnodent is far more accurate than any other method of detecting cavities, especially in places not easily seen, such as in the pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of your teeth where 80% of decay occurs.

With Diagnodent cavities can now be identified and treated before they do significant damage.

DIAGNOdent helps Dr. Sagar to accurately monitor and quantify the health of your teeth at each visit and to assess the progression of any decay over time.

Diagnodent offers complete patient comfort and is free of any harmful radiation. Welcome to the new era of dental diagnosis!